SYMBOLINE is synonymous with style, the word itself is a colloquialism founded through the Latin word "symbolum" which means ‘pact, alliance and agreement’. This inspiring line has motivated the entrepreneurial principles of its creators since its foundation. It is based on a organic process from creativity, to production, to the consumer, through a relationship of trust that has been nourished throughout these years of work.

SYMBOLINE srI is an Italian company that has been operating in the eyewear market since 1994, boasting remarkable successes thanks to the professionalism and experience of its founders. In a few years it has become a leading company in the production of eyewear and fashion accessories, thanks to fine details, the choice of materials and mechanisms produced, which are a combination of technology, passion and Italian style.

A wide range of products covered by brands ENOX MY GLASSES, ENOX TEENAGER, ENOX JUNIOR, GEMS & RUBY, manages to cover all the market and customer needs, now located all over the world. The company enhances the contents of its products through research, design, stylistic originality, without ever overshadowing the fundamental essence of its philosophy, recognized for the well-being and comfort of each product.