SYMBOLINE is synonymous with style, the word itself is a neologism based on the Latin term "symbolum" which means pact, alliance, agreement.

This inspiring line moves, since its foundation, the entrepreneurial principles of its creators.

Today, it guides us in facing the challenges of the present and anticipating innovative solutions for the future



Since its foundation, the company's inspiring line has been based on the entrepreneurial principles of its creators. It is based on a chain that goes from creativity, to production, to the consumer, through a relationship of trust, which has been nurtured over the years of work.

Research, development and Made in Italy design have always been the strengths of SYMBOLINE.

Strengthened by its decades-long tradition and the inseparable bond with its land, it has never stopped experimenting in the innovation of styles, techniques and skills, without ever losing sight of the high standards of quality, design and eco-sustainability. The SYMBOLINE eyewear collections are the synthesis of this corporate ethic, capable of interpreting fashion and anticipating global trends.


SYMBOLINE srI is an Italian company that operates in the eyewear field since 1994, boasting considerable success thanks to the experience and professionalism of its founders. In just a few years, it has become a leading company in the eyewear and fashion accessory production sector, thanks to accurate details, the choice of materials and mechanisms produced, which are a combination of technology, passion and Italian style.

A vast range of products marked by the brands ENOX MY GLASSES, ENOX TEENAGER, ENOX JUNIOR, manages to cover all the needs of markets and customers, now located all over the world.

The company enhances the contents of its products through research, design, stylistic originality, without ever overshadowing the fundamental essence of its philosophy, recognized for the well-being and comfort of each product, always respecting the environment.


In production we transform the dreams of the design office into reality, industrialising the process, evaluating all the critical issues in terms of production, and the feasibility of the assemblies, which must guarantee the highest quality standards. The perfect synergy of design and high quality materials makes our eyewear a must for aesthetics and fashion, offering the wearer's face an unprecedented light.

Design and craftsmanship expertise represent the distinctive elements of our eyewear collections, which allow us to make the most of the essence of our brands, which express the personality and style of the wearer. We develop eyewear with a unique and high quality design every day, paying attention to compliance with the certifications of materials that always comply with the standards.

ENOX is really art, colour, light and design. Through the image and content team, we use the ENOX collections to tell stories and trends that are symbols of Italian taste and style appreciated all over the world. The presence in the most important world fairs of the sector is an opportunity to show the most innovative news and projects.


One of the fundamental aspects in which we invest is ergonomics, the result of a careful design phase. We conceive all our collections by creating eyewear for every need: optical frames and sunglasses, in acetate, metal, mixed, specific for children, through the study of shapes so that comfort guarantees very high levels of well-being.

We create new color combinations, constantly analyze the collection to evaluate possible changes in existing models, new calibers and variations in colors and finishes.

The evolution of our eyewear stems above all from continuous research and development of new solutions for the lenses and the ergonomics of the frames. For SYMBOLINE ergonomics is synonymous with: LIGHTNESS - FLEXIBILITY - STABILITY AND COMFORT.


For SYMBOLINE the customers are the raison d'être and represent the first ambassadors of the brand. Our goal is to produce reliable and original eyewear, so we listen to their opinions and suggestions. The continuous dialogue with our stakeholders is what guides us in our everyday choices: we aspire to be a reliable partner and one of the leading Italian eyewear creators on a global level.

We aim to create collections that last over time and that express new needs and trends. People, always at the center of our mission, guide our choices and our growth path; for this there is a corporate assistance team.

Through our support team, we solve any problem in a personalized, fast and intelligent way, as well as satisfy, advise and ensure the correct handling of orders.


Our marketing department works to develop a complex multimedia communication work between the sales network, shops and end customers, through traditional digitized platforms and with the help of new network models.

Digitization for us therefore means not only adopting new technological tools, but aiming towards the strategic innovation of our business model. We focus on digital communication through social media and digital marketing to feed our business vision directly and indirectly. The presence in the most important world fairs of the sector is an opportunity to show the most innovative news and projects. Point of sale communication aids and multimedia advertising campaigns reach our target audience exponentially, providing additional support and motivation to the sales network.

People, Product and Communication are the three fundamental pillars on which our approach to development is based and on which we focus our eyewear, with the aim of an increasingly sustainable future.