Magnetic clip: 2 glasses one solution

I forgot my sunglasses at home!

I like this frame so much, it’s a shame to not use it as sunglasses.

What a waste to bring my optical frame to the beach

I should prescript my sunglasses

Whoever wear optical frames, said one of these sentences at least once in his life

An easy and cheap solution to solve these problems it is offered by the magnetic clip. A new technology to put together optical and sun glasses.

A modern change well represented by the new ENOX Ultem collection; optical frames that can become sunglasses when needed, thanks to the simple magnetic clip, that applied on the front, assure a perfect endurance. It cancels the distance between the optical and the sun lens, maintaining the function and the shape of the frame.

A versatility which doesn’t exclude the personality: the Ultem ENOX collection offer different sets of models with polarized lens, with a modern and essential design. Available in many and different colors from blue to brown. Rounded or squared line, with a vintage taste, for the 2 in 1 frames contain the maximum of the comfort with the maximum of the beauty.

ENOX Ultem 16UE

ENOX Ultem 17UE

ENOX Ultem 18UE