Enox sunglasses: vademecum on the lens color choise

Nowdays, the sunglasses have the double function to decrease the ocular weariness and irritation, and to be the perfect accessory to complete our outfit.

During the XIV century in Venice, the gondoliers used to protect themselves from the water spurts using the first rough sunglasses, with the lens made of green glass, in gondola glass.

An accessory that pretty soon was noted by the nobles of the City, that used them as a persona and singular characteristic.

After the years, the aesthetic potential and the functionality of the sunglasses made them an inevitable accessory. For us the sunglasses is today a unique characteristic, a style detail, as well as a useful and functional support.

Our models evolved during the time changing shape, materials and style, becoming a must have to choose with care. In this choice, ENOX suggest a particular attention to select the filter colors: brown or grey, green or pink, black or yellow, it is not just a matter of taste, but also a matter of the use you will do and the external conditions ( open air activities, etc.)

In order to help you in this tough chose, we will detailed the technical aspect of the different polarized lens colors.

ENOX polarized lens col. Brown: these are probably the most versatile, in fact they allow a good view, from the sunrise to the sunset, in all the different environment.

The extra large size of the model VICTORIA ( here turtle ) are the right compromise between singular design and adequate protection.

ENOX polarized lens col. Pink: pretty similar to the brown ones, even though they have a rose-colored shade , that gives a relaxing effect, especially during the lighter hours. The model ROSS, with a hexagonal design ( here Perl/Bordeaux), exalt the polished pinked filter.

ENOX polarized lens col. Green: it is better to have them in condition of variable luminosity, for example when the weather is changing, moving fast from a clean sky to a cloudy one. The polarized green lens are very useful also when you go from a very bright zone to a darker one. A must is the model DHEPP, inspired by the hollywood star, of which it takes the name.

ENOX polarized lens col. Yellow: they guarantee a clean view in case of fog or low luminosity, they are not very adapt in situation of a strong sun. In the meantime, they allowed to filter the blue light from the Computer and the mobile device, known cause of headache. The innovation of the ENOX CLIP-ON models allows to put on top a magnetic clip with polarized filter to the eye glasses frame, available in different colors and designs.

ENOX polarized lens col. Blue: these filters are a weak screen against the UV rays , the blue filter are good in snow or fog. These are indicate to define the border and to improve a situation when the perception of the colors and of the luminosity is defaced. The big size of the model MOSS ( here Turtel-bordeaux) , with a squared design, exalt the blue lens. Now choosing your ENOX model, in your favourite colors will be fast and easy!